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What We Do

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  • Pursuing and maintaining professional accreditations for the imaging operations
  • Providing evidence based advice and justification for imaging equipment purchases
  • Independent inspection and quality control of the imaging equipment to assure efficient utilization, maintenance of patient dose as low as reasonably achievable, and optimized image quality
  • In cooperation with Radiation Safety, performing acceptance testing of imaging equipment prior to clinical use
  • Informing Departmental Supervisors of any operational issues that would require corrective actions by the operators/users of the equipment
  • Informing Radiation Safety Officer of any patient and personnel safety issues that would require corrective actions or education
  • Informing Clinical Engineering department of any equipment malfunction issues that would require repair
  • Oversight of annual compliance testing by Clinical Engineering to be consistent with current medical physics methods and procedures
  • Educating relevant personnel about medical physics principles that would improve the quality and safety of the imaging operation
  • Compliance of Duke imaging operation with regulatory and accreditation agencies
  • Troubleshooting issues regarding quality, efficiency and safety of imaging operations
  • Acceptance testing of clinical imaging devices
  • Oversight of daily quality assurance of imaging equipment
  • Imaging protocol development, management, and optimization
  • Advisement regarding acquisition of imaging systems
  • Education of relevant personnel
  • Users and Supervisors are responsible for proper and safe operation of the equipment
  • Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for regulatory compliance and proper radiation safety measures
  • Clinical Engineering is responsible for preventative testing and maintenance of the equipment and addressing repairs
  • Clinical Imaging Physics Group is responsible for ensuring high-quality, low-dose, and efficient operation of clinical imaging equipment

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