CIPG - The Duke Clinical Imaging Physics Group

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Duke University Clinical Imaging Physics Group


CIPG exists to ensure patient safety and quality diagnosis, by ensuring rigorous quality control of clinical imaging quality.  This is accomplished by working closely with the Radiation Safety Office, Clinical Engineering, and clinical departments.


Responsibilities of CIPG

  1. Pursuing and maintaining professional accreditations for the imaging operations
  2. Providing evidence based advice and justification for imaging equipment purchases
  3. Independent inspection and quality control of the imaging equipment to assure efficient utilization, maintenance of patient dose as low as reasonably achievable, and optimized image quality
  4. In cooperation with Radiation Safety, performing acceptance testing of imaging equipment prior to clinical use
  5. Informing Departmental Supervisors of any operational issues that would require corrective actions by the operators/users of the equipment
  6. Informing Radiation Safety Officer of any patient and personnel safety issues that would require corrective actions or education
  7. Informing Clinical Engineering department of any equipment malfunction issues that would require repair
  8. Oversight of annual compliance testing by Clinical Engineering to be consistent with current medical physics methods and procedures
  9. Educating relevant personnel about medical physics principles that would improve the quality and safety of the imaging operation


Priorities of CIPG

  1. Compliance of Duke imaging operation with regulatory and accreditation agencies
  2. Troubleshooting issues regarding quality, efficiency and safety of imaging operations
  3. Acceptance Testing of clinical imaging devices
  4. Oversight of Daily quality assurance of imaging equipment
  5. Imaging Protocol Development, Mgmt, and Optimization
  6. Advisement regarding acquisition of imaging systems
  7. Education of relevant personnel


The Role of CIPG and Others

  • Users and Supervisors are responsible for proper and safe operation of the equipment
  • Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for regulatory compliance and proper radiation safety measures
  • Clinical Engineering is responsible for preventative testing and maintenance of the equipment and addressing repairs
  • Clinical Imaging Physics Group is responsible for ensuring high-quality, low-dose, and efficient operation of clinical imaging equipment


Relationship Between CIPG and Other Departments



Relationship Between CIPG and Clincal Units